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HEATING TOOLS & SYSTEMS is the leading manufacturer & supplier of Bakery Ovens (Electrical and Gas ) , Planetary Cake Mixer and bakery machines. We provide a wide range of Bakery Ovens in Deck modules. We also provide a wide range of heavy duty Planetary Mixer and Spiral Dough Mixer . HTS Mixers are high-tech, quality products of sturdy, yet elegant construction. As a result of through research and development HTS Planetary Cake Mixers have been designed for a high performance noiseless working and consistence uniformity of mixing to meet the exacting needs of today’s professional Bakers. As a bakery equipment manufacturer and service provider, we’ve been dedicated for more than 30 years to supporting those who are not only passionate about creating great food, but are inspired by the people they serve and come to know on a daily basis. We provide a wide range of Planetary Mixer, Spiral Mixer, Cake Mixer, Deck Electric Oven, Double Deck Electric Oven, Deck Gas Oven, Pizza Oven, Conveyor Pizza Oven & all kind of Bakery Equipment's. HTS is a leading Manufacturers of all type Bakery Ovens, Planetary Cake Mixer, Spiral Dough Mixer & Bakers Equipment exactly to costumer’s requirement.

Planetary Mixer

HTS Mixers consistently Best-in-Class for performance and reliability. HTS mixers are there day after day supporting your creative efforts as you whip, blend and knead a culinary palette! Available in 30- to 150-liter sizes, we offer the right machine for the job. HTS tests major components under extreme conditions to ensure that this mixer can stand up to years of demanding food service and food retail use—allowing you to be unstoppable. More details...

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, Spiral Mixer,

Heating Tools & Systems is a leading manufacturer of Spiral Dough Mixer. HTS spiral mixer provides with the consistent performance required to make great dough each time.  Because spiral mixing is gentler, the temperature of the dough fluctuates less and helps ensure that the yeast activates properly. With HTS Spiral Mixers, you are better equipped to deliver airy bread and pizza products. More details...

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Baking Oven

HTS makes Baking ovens that satisfy the most demanding chefs. A HTS deck oven, in your choice of gas or electric, delivers the latest technology while reducing your overall energy costs. Functional and designed to fit into a variety of kitchen environments. With an outer shell made of reinforced sheet steel and clad in stainless steel on the front, sides, top and back, HTS deck ovens are not only functional, but also fit into any kitchen environment.More details...

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Pizza Oven

When you need a heavy duty oven for an authentic Italian bake, look no further than a quality electric deck pizza oven. Deck pizza ovens let you produce a high volume of pizzas quickly because of their high temperature and size. They come in a variety of sizes — including single, double and even triple decks to maximize your producing capacity — are highly durable, built to last, and Pizza Solutions is sure to have the perfect one for your needs. More details..

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Conveyor Pizza Oven

A electric conveyor pizza oven to please the true pizza baking which is not fan forced. Bakes like a stone deck oven. Does not over dry the moisture content and retains full flavor of the pizza.

Unlike fan forced ovens re-heating pizza’s taste freshly baked. Super-quiet operation without constant noise disturbance. Unique to this oven is an automatic digital temperature controller for top & bottom which modulates to maintain constant set temperature.

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